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Artificial Life experimentation framework application for Mac OS X.

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Welcome to CocoaBugs!

CocoaBugs is an Artificial Life experimentation framework for Mac OS X,
written in Objective-C. It works on a plugin model.


1. Open CocoaBugs/CocoaBugs.xcodeproj. Build-and-run.

2. Choose a plugin, edit its configuration, and start the simulation.

3. Use the toolbar buttons to step or run the simulation.

4. Use the "Options" panel to change simulation parameters, or export a
configuration file.

5. Build the "HeadlessBugs" target to do batch simulation of an exported
.cocoabugs file from the command-line.

HeadlessBugs run openboxes.cocoabugs --output run --steps 1000 --runs 10 \
--sample mutationRate --min 0.2 --max 0.7

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