R package reverse dependency checking
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Automated, Isolated, Reverse Dependency Checking

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  • To avoid false positives due to existing failures, revdepcheck runs R CMD check twice for each revdep, once with the CRAN version of your package, and once with the local development version. revdepcheck reports the difference, so you can see exactly what has changed.

  • To speed up installation of revdeps and their dependencies, revdepcheck relies on crancache. You can see what packages are currently cached with crancache::crancache_list().

  • revdepcheck is carefully designed to make long running checks as pleasant as possible. You run checks in parallel, check time is limited to 10 minutes, and an elegant progress bar keeps you up-to-date with what's happening (including an estimate of how much time is remaining).





# Check package in working directory
# Will automatically create revdep/ directory if it doesn't already exist
revdep_check(num_workers = 4)

# Clear out all previous results

If you're using RStudio, we recommend running revdep_check() in a new terminal. That way, while it runs in a background tab, you can easily use your revdep_details(revdep = "pkg") to see what's gone wrong with "pkg".


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