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REPOSE - The REstful PrOxy Service Engine

Repose is an open-source platform that you can use to build stacks of reusable software components. These components can be leveraged by service developers to perform common API processing tasks. By using Repose's components rather than creating their own, service developers can focus on the unique features of their services.

Repose can be run as a standalone application (either as a Linux service or using the JAR directly), or it can be deployed as a WAR file in a servlet container alongside your origin service. Repose can be run on the same server or on a different server, and it can be run across multiple servers for horizontal scaling. At its core, Repose is a proxy that allows services to use Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP).

For more information, check out our Getting Started with Repose guide.


Repose Components

Repose includes several filters and services out of the box. These include:

Repose also makes it easy to create your own custom components. Check out our example custom filter for more details.


You can install Repose using the following methods:


Repose will search for configuration files in the user specified directory.

  • The configuration root directory must be user readable.
  • The configuration files should be user readable and writable.

Setting the Configuration Root Directory.

  • If using the Valve deployment, simply pass the configuration directory to the Java process using the "-c" option.
  • If using the WAR deployment, include the following in the $CONTAINER_HOME/conf/context.xml file:
    <Context docBase="ROOT.war">
      <Parameter name="powerapi-config-directory" value="/etc/repose" override="false"/>
      <Parameter name="repose-cluster-id" value="repose"/>
      <Parameter name="repose-node-id" value="repose_node1"/>
  • As an alternative, the web.xml file within the war itself can be modified to include the following:


Original files contained with this distribution of Repose are licensed under the Apache License v2.0 (

You must agree to the terms of this license and abide by them before using, modifying, or distributing Repose or the Repose source code contained within this distribution.

Some dependencies are under other licenses.

By using, modifying, or distributing Repose you may also be subject to the terms of those licenses.

See the full list of dependencies in DEPENDENCIES.txt.

By contributing to this project, you agree to abide to the terms and conditions outlined in CONTRIBUTORS.txt.