A Java implementation of SparkPi using Spring Boot
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A Java implementation of SparkPi using Spring Boot

This application is an example tutorial for the radanalytics.io community. It is intended to be used as a source-to-image application.

Quick start

You should have access to an OpenShift cluster and be logged in with the oc command line tool.

  1. Create the necessary infrastructure objects

    oc create -f http://radanalytics.io/resources.yaml
  2. Launch spring-sparkpi

    oc new-app --template oshinko-java-spark-build-dc \
        -p APPLICATION_NAME=spring-sparkpi \
        -p GIT_URI=https://github.com/radanalyticsio/spring-sparkpi \
        -p APP_FILE=SparkPiBoot-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
  3. Expose an external route

    oc expose svc/spring-sparkpi
  4. Visit the exposed URL with your browser or other HTTP tool, for example:

    $ curl http://`oc get routes/spring-sparkpi --template='{{.spec.host}}'`
    Pi is rouuuughly 3.1335