This is a fman extension to automatically run a start script when changing project directories.
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Project Manager

Plugin for that gives you the ability to run startup scripts when entering a project directory.

Install with fman's built-in command for installing plugins.

This extension is designed to work with the "OpenWithEditor" extension as well. If the "OpenWithEditor" extension is loaded, it will open the script files using the editor selected in BitBar. Otherwise, it will use TextEdit.

After restarting fman, you will have the ability to set a new project directory, start processes, etc.


<Shift+s> - Runs the set_project_directory function in the current directory (or the directory under the cursor).

<Shift+c> - Clear the current project setting.

<Shift+e> - Edit the current project's startup script.

Search Projects - This allows you to pick a project to go to from a list. By typing letters in the name, it will fuzzy match and trim down the selection list.

Remove Project - This allows you to pick a project to remove from the list of projects.


  • The ability to set a current project directory.
  • Run a startup script when entering a project directory from another one.
  • Go to the project by picking it from a list of projects.