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undefined method `debug_rjs=' for ActionView::Base:Class #1

javan opened this Issue May 10, 2011 · 7 comments

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javan commented May 10, 2011

When I add this to the Gemfile of a fresh Rails 3.1.0.beta1 app and add config.action_view.debug_rjs = true to environments/development.rb I get the following exception:

/gems/actionpack-3.1.0.beta1/lib/action_view/railtie.rb:34:in `send': undefined method `debug_rjs=' for ActionView::Base:Class (NoMethodError)

It was removed.

Ruby on Rails member
javan commented Jun 11, 2011

Aha! I only mention it because the README file here suggests setting it.

@javan javan closed this Jun 11, 2011

The README still talks about adding this. Any chance of removing it?

stayce commented Feb 2, 2012

bump, still in the readme








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