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@@ -229,13 +229,13 @@ $ rake db:test:load
Above +rake db:migrate+ runs any pending migrations on the _development_ environment and updates +db/schema.rb+. +rake db:test:load+ recreates the test database from the current +db/schema.rb+. On subsequent attempts, it is a good idea to first run +db:test:prepare+, as it first checks for pending migrations and warns you appropriately.
-NOTE: +db:test:prepare+ will fail with an error if +db/schema.rb+ doesn't exists.
+NOTE: +db:test:prepare+ will fail with an error if +db/schema.rb+ doesn't exist.
h5. Rake Tasks for Preparing your Application for Testing
|_.Tasks |_.Description|
|+rake db:test:clone+ |Recreate the test database from the current environment's database schema|
-|+rake db:test:clone_structure+ |Recreate the test databases from the development structure|
+|+rake db:test:clone_structure+ |Recreate the test database from the development structure|
|+rake db:test:load+ |Recreate the test database from the current +schema.rb+|
|+rake db:test:prepare+ |Check for pending migrations and load the test schema|
|+rake db:test:purge+ |Empty the test database.|
@@ -512,12 +512,12 @@ After a request has been made by using one of the 5 methods (+get+, +post+, etc.
As is the case with normal Hash objects, you can access the values by referencing the keys by string. You can also reference them by symbol name, except for +assigns+. For example:
- flash["gordon"] flash[:gordon]
- session["shmession"] session[:shmession]
- cookies["are_good_for_u"] cookies[:are_good_for_u]
+flash["gordon"] flash[:gordon]
+session["shmession"] session[:shmession]
+cookies["are_good_for_u"] cookies[:are_good_for_u]
# Because you can't use assigns[:something] for historical reasons:
- assigns["something"] assigns(:something)
+assigns["something"] assigns(:something)
h4. Instance Variables Available

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