Plugin to run checks on your Rails 2.x/3.x to check for obvious upgrade points on the path to 3.0
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A simple battery of scripts for upgrading Rails app/checking them for required updates. This application should work on Rails 2.x and 3.0, with a focus on upgrading to 3.0.


You need to install this plugin first:

script/plugin install git://

Then you can run its rake tasks to check your application:

# Check your app for required upgrades
rake rails:upgrade:check

# Backup your likely modified files that might be overwritten by the generator
rake rails:upgrade:backup

# Generate a new route file
rake rails:upgrade:routes

# Generate a Gemfile from your config.gem directives
rake rails:upgrade:gems

# Generate code for a new config/application.rb from your environment.rb
rake rails:upgrade:configuration