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Curriculum for RailsBridge workshops
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The RailsBridge Documentation Project

Build Status


This is a Sinatra app, deployed at The RailsBridge documentation project is home to a few subprojects, including the RailsBridge installfest instructions, which leads students through the various complicated setup instructions for getting Ruby, Rails, Git, etc. installed on their computer (whatever combination of computer, OS, and version they happened to bring to the workshop!), as well as the RailsBridge workshop "Suggestotron" curriculum.

Each subproject (a "site") comprises files stored under the "sites" directory; for instance, the installfest instructions are located at ROOT/sites/en/installfest, while the intro rails curriculum can be found under ROOT/sites/en/intro-to-rails. (The "en" means "English" -- see "Locales" below.)

These files can be in any of these formats:

(If multiple files exist with the same base name, .step is preferred over .md, and .md over .mw.)


bundle install
bundle exec rake run

If the above fails (say, because rerun doesn't work on your system), try


Then open http://localhost:9292 in a web browser, and verify that you can navigate the installfest slides.


To serve sites from "sites/en", use bundle exec rake run or a vanilla deploy.

To server sites from another locale (say, "es" or Spanish)...

Run Localized Site Locally

$ SITE_LOCALE=es bundle exec rake run

The server listens on

Now you have to set up subdomain mappings for the site. If you have Pow, run:

$ echo 9292 > ~/.pow/railsbridge # works for any subdomain

If you don't have Pow, add the following line to /etc/hosts: # works for single subdomain

Now you can access for debugging.

Running on a Server

Just make sure the server responds to a locale subdomain:

Temporary Testing

Use a locale or l parameter:

Note that in this mode, links are not rewritten, so if they fail you will have to manually add the parameter again.


Check out to see how to join our list of contributors!


The documentation (including anything under the sites subdir as well as some hardcoded text elsewhere) is licensed under a Creative Commons license (CC-BY, specifically), which means you're welcome to share, remix, or use our content commercially. We just ask for attribution.

The code is licensed under an MIT license, like Ruby itself. Copyright (c) 2010-2014 by RailsBridge.

Other Resources

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