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This is a Google Spreadsheets plugin, which adds custom functions.

It uses the Apps Script API. The deployment repository is located here.

Development Setup

We assume you have node.js installed.

  • Clone the project and open its directory.
  • npm install
  • Follow the setup instructions of GAPS to authenticate via the API.
  • npm run download
  • Make changes.
  • npm test
  • npm run upload # Deploy to the Google repository, but not to the Marketplace.

Marketplace Deployment

This instruction describes how to deploy the add-on with its visibility limited to the railsware users.

  • Open the project's page.
  • Select "Publish" -> "Deploy as add-on..." from the menu.
  • Update the version, write a description, and press "Update web store draft".
  • On the bottom of the page that was opened press "Publish changes".


  • If npm run upload returned an error, save your changes (otherwise they'll be overriden), run npm run download and then try again.