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Small and handy Ruby driver for HBase
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Ruby driver for HBase

Small and handy Ruby driver for HBase (via Stargate RESTfull interface).


Warning: HBase and Stargate should be installed and running.

require 'hbase'

hbase ='http://localhost:8080')

# creating table
hbase.create 'users'

# listing all tables
p hbase.all.collect{|t|} # => ['users']

# create record
users.update 'john', 'attr:email' => ''

# get record
john = users['john']
p john['attr:email'] # => ""    

# update record
users.update 'john', 'attr:email' => ""
p john['attr:email'] # => ""

# deleting record
users.delete 'john'    

# scanning
users.update 'john', 'attr:email' => ''
users.update 'mario', 'attr:email' => ''
users.update 'stanley', 'attr:email' => ''

list = users.scan :start => 'john', :batch => 5, :columns => ['attr:']
p list.collect{|user| user['attr:email']} # => ['', '', '']


$ gem install ruby-driver

For installation of HBase and Stargate please see HBase docs (google it).

Warning: currently HBase distributed with RESTful interface called 'rest' and it's deprecated and broken. And because it looks very similar to Stargate it's easy to mix it up. So, be aware, you need to install and use the Stargate, not default and broken HBase REST client.


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