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Bug-fix release while feature-bind is being worked on.

  • Fixed ip filter memory usage. (sallyswiss/chros73)
  • Add space to fmt str in log_gz_file_write. (pastly)
  • Fix compilation issue with gcc v6.x and empty CXXFLAGS. (chros73)
  • Fix BEP7 compatibility with IPv6 trackers and IPv4 peers.
  • Include SCGI/XMLRPC example in rtorrent.rc. (ss23)
  • Handle SIGHUP like SIGINT. (pyroscope)
  • Fix Throttle args. (chros73)
  • Fix missing ranlib - not defined but used. (duraki)
  • Fix no // are at start of expanded paths. (pyroscope)
  • Fix ncurses header include. (theirix)
  • Fix segfault when viewing a magnet download in the leeching view. (slingamn)
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