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This is an example application exploring design pattern usage in a PHP application. This application is built off a fictitious problem described below. It would be your job to complete the problem in a way that employs the use of any number of patterns, also listed below. While the default application excludes "Models", any aspect of the application can be swapped out for a more "pattern centric" solution.

This application was used as the basis for a talk at ZendCon 2012 by @weierophinney, @ezimuel, and myself @ralphschindler.

Problem Domain

I, as your fictitious employer, are contracting you to build out a prototype of an application that I am building a business upon. I don't know the full problem area as this is a startup. What I do know I will tell you so you can start building and decide how much abstraction is needed.

  • The application/business is centered around Playlist sharing.
  • The informtion about tracks/arists/albums, currently, will only need to be accessible from a Playlist object.
  • The database is already filled out with a single playlist, there will be more at some point
  • The application will likely need to be available via the command line or as a web service API at some point in the future, so plan abstraction accordingly.
  • The "Aggregate Root" is the Playlist and is demonstrated via this UML of the Aggregate of objects. See the file DomainModelPlaylist.png in the ./dev/ directory.

Things to Know Before You Start

  • Most classes will have a docblock with a @pattern-notes in the comment. This has more information on the patterns in use.
  • This is an MVC application, very minimal, framework-free.
  • It uses Service Location to get application services into controllers, there are notes on this in the actual code.
  • It has a pre-made sqlite database to use in /data/application.sqlite
  • Patterns To Potentially use and identify:
    • Repository pattern
    • Entity, Value Objects
    • Mapper / Data Mapper
    • Lazy loading
    • Dependency Injection
    • etc.

Your Tasks

  1. Build out a Domain Model for this application. The controllers, a service layer, and views are already complete in master, you just need to build the models.

  2. Create a command line verison of this application

  3. Build a new Playlist repository that utilizes a web-api to get Album and Artist information for a given track


If you need hints on how to complete the first task, switch to and exploer the "ralph" branch.