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Getting started with catjs & jQueryMobile

This project is an application skeleton for a typical catjs with jQuery Mobile mobile-web app.
The seed contains a sample JQM application with catjs annotation (called scraps). catjs will generate a new test project and translate those scraps to scripts within your code. After building your project, catjs will emulate a simple user-flow in the application. catjs will fill the input fields, click, slide and more.

catjs is a new open source automation framework for mobile-web applications testing
Check out the catjs page
Or try npm page and github page
You see full demo on jqm-kitchen-sink

Check our demo

Setup your environment

Download and open the zip or use git clone.
Copy to:


Install node.js

First you need to download and install node.js

If you are working throw proxy Open the cmd:

npm config set proxy
npm config set https-proxy

Install catjs

Windows :

cd {select.path}/catjs-jqm-seed
npm install -g catjs

mac / linux :

cd {select.path}/catjs-jqm-seed
sudo npm install -g catjs

Build test deployment

As we told before in our JQM example code the cat automation is ready for building. To build the project and start the server, On the cmd:

cd to cat-project
catcli -cbs

Now open you browser on http://localhost:8089/ and see the result

Note - If you already have html5 app code and wants to create a new catjs-project

This example regardes to an application in the path of:


Open the cmd:

cd {select.path}
catcli --init
prompt: Enter the project name:  catexample
prompt: Enter CAT server's host name:  (localhost) (just click enter)
prompt: Enter CAT server's port:  (8089) (just click enter)
prompt: Enter CAT server's protocol:  (http) (just click enter)
prompt: Would you like to contribute analytics to CAT:  (true) (just click enter)
prompt: Enter your project's (application) path:  ./../app

return to Build test deployment

See catjs in action

catjs will fill the input fields, slide, check and click the signup button
alt text
catjs in action
alt text