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The GpioConnectionSettings class represents the settings of a GpioConnection.

Constants and Static Properties


int DefaultBlinkDuration = 250;

The default blink duration, i.e 250 milliseconds.


decimal DefaultPollInterval { get; }

The default poll interval in milliseconds, as loaded from application configuration. Default value is 50 milliseconds.


IGpioConnectionDriver DefaultDriver { get; }

The default driver, as loaded from application configuration. By default, MemoryGpioConnectionDriver is used.



decimal BlinkDuration { get; set; }

The blink duration, in milliseconds. Default value is DefaultBlinkDuration.


IGpioConnectionDriver Driver { get; set; }

The driver. Default value is DefaultDriver.


bool Opened { get; set; }

A boolean value indicating whether connection must be opened at initialization or will be manually opened later by a call to Open. Default is true.


decimal PollInterval { get; set; }

The amount of time, in milliseconds, between consecutive check to input pins. Default value is DefaultPollInterval.

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