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CLI hex dumper with colors
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Hex dumper with colors

heksa - hex file dumper v1.9.0 - (2020-01-02T07:55:55+02:00)
(c) Pekka Järvinen 2019- [ ]
    heksa [--format|-f <fmt1,fmt2,..>] [--header|-H] [--help|-h|-?]
          [--limit|-l <[prefix]bytes>] [--offset-format|-o <fmt1[,fmt2]>]
          [--seek|-s <[prefix]offset>] [--version] <filename> or STDIN

    --format|-f <fmt1,fmt2,..>          One or multiple of: hex, dec, oct, bit (default: "hex,asc")

    --header|-H                         Show offset header (default: false)

    --help|-h|-?                        Show this help (default: false)

    --limit|-l <[prefix]bytes>          Read only N bytes (0 = no limit). See NOTES. (default: "0")

    --offset-format|-o <fmt1[,fmt2]>    One or two of: hex, dec, oct, per, no, ''. First one is displayed on the left side and second one on right side after formatters (default: "hex")

    --seek|-s <[prefix]offset>          Start reading from certain offset. See NOTES. (default: "0")

    --version                           Show version information (default: false)

    - You can use prefixes for seek and limit. 0x = hex, 0b = binary, 0o = octal.
    - Use 'no' or '' for offset formatter for disabling offset output.

    heksa -f hex,asc,bit foo.dat
    heksa -o hex,per -f hex,asc foo.dat
    heksa -o hex -f hex,asc,bit foo.dat
    heksa -o no -f bit foo.dat
    heksa -l 0x1024 foo.dat
    heksa -s 0b1010 foo.dat



  • ANSI colors for different bytes
  • Output multiple formats at once (hexadecimal, decimal, octal, bits)
  • Multiple offset formats (hexadecimal, decimal, octal)
  • Read only N bytes
  • Seek to given offset
  • Read from stdin


  • Terminal with ANSI color support
    • KDE's Konsole is currently used for development
  • Operating system
    • GNU/Linux
      • x64 arm arm64 ppc64 ppc64le
    • Microsoft Windows
      • x64
    • Darwin (Apple Mac)
      • x64
    • FreeBSD
      • x64 arm
    • NetBSD
      • x64 arm
    • OpenBSD
      • x64 arm arm64

Get source

git clone


  1. Make changes
  2. make build or just go build .

Releasing new version:


  • upx for compressing executables
  1. Create new version tag
  2. make release

If there's a lot of visual changes you can take new screenshots with script in _assets directory

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