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Learn how to build native iOS and Android mobile apps with React Native

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  1. MovieTickets MovieTickets Public

    Movie Tickets Booking App with React Native Tutorial

    JavaScript 238 81

  2. react-native-bottom-drawer react-native-bottom-drawer Public

    React Native component to display a bottom drawer with a scrollable list of messages.

    JavaScript 77 28

  3. react-native-oauth-login-tutorial react-native-oauth-login-tutorial Public

    Learn how to log users into React Native apps via Facebook or Google OAuth

    JavaScript 57 24

  4. react-native-charts-tutorial react-native-charts-tutorial Public

    Learn how to make animated charts in React Native.

    JavaScript 48 13

  5. react-native-drag-and-drop-tags-tutorial react-native-drag-and-drop-tags-tutorial Public

    Learn how to reorder tags, using animated drag and drop, remove them and add new tags using a modal with a text input.

    JavaScript 47 20

  6. MovieTicketsBackend MovieTicketsBackend Public

    API Backend with Node.js, Express, and MongoDB for Movie Tickets Booking App (Part 2)

    JavaScript 40 16


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