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Music bot on Google Hangouts based on HangoutsBot
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MusicBot (based on HangoutsBot)

This is a music-related bot made to interface with Google Hangouts. It uses the hangups library to connect to hangouts. For more information about HangoutsBot, Go to ovkulkarni/hangouts

Initial Setup

NOTE: This project requires python3

Go to ovkulkarni/hangouts for information about initial setup.

You also need to add a few secrets to settings/



TODO: More details to come for where to get said information.


Google Play Music Integration

MusicBot integrates with GPM to support many things. When GPM share links are dumped into a group chat, it is added as a recommendation. This is the only event that happens without any input from users. This lends itself to quick linking of things people like, and persistence to find them later.



  • Returns a random item from the recommendations list. Also lists who added it, and a shorturl link to the content on GPM.

!recent [--user] [--count]

  • Returns a list of the most recent recommendations. Adding '--user ' will limit to results from a specific person (not working currently). Adding '--count ' returns more/less results. Defaults to 5 items.

!playlist [search | recent | convert ]

  • search - Finds any playlist hosted by the bot matching a search term.

  • recent - Returns the 5 most recent playlists hosted by the bot

  • convert - Scrapes the contents of a spotify embedded playlist and creates a hosted public playlist on Google Play Music. Integration

MusicBot integrates with to support showing what users are currently listening to.



  • Pairs a user's account to their hangouts user. This allows the bot to look up info on a user's behalf, for commands such as !now

!now [--all]

  • Shows what the current user is listening to, and attempts to find the current song on GPM, giving a shortlink to the song. Adding the --all flag shows what everyone in the channel (who has registered with Integration


!setlist [show <bandname> | search <searchterm> | generate <bandname>

  • show - Shows the most recent average setlist for a given band. This is basically a "dry run" of what !setlist generate would do.

  • search - Finds any GPM bot-hosted playlists that match searchterm and also contain the term "setlist".

  • generate - Generates a GPM bot-hosted playlist of the most recent average setlist for a given band. These can later be found using !setlist search or !playlist [search | recent].

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