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all web frameworks suck. this one just sucks less
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a pig wearing a wig is humor
a wig wearing a pig is heresy
pigwig is a python 3 WSGI framework
(blogwig is a sample app. don't put wigs on blogs)

#!/usr/bin/env python3

from pigwig import PigWig, Response

def root(request):
	return Response('hello, world!')

routes = [
	('GET', '/', root),

app = PigWig(routes)

if __name__ == '__main__':

FACs (frequent, annoying comments)

  1. tornado-style class-based views are better
    we think you're wrong (inheritance is a hammer and this problem is no nail), but it's easy enough to achieve:
    def routes():
    	views = [
    		('/', RootHandler),
    	handlers = []
    	for route, view in views:
    		for verb in ['get', 'post']:
    			if hasattr(view, verb):
    				handlers.append((verb.upper(), route, cbv_handler(view, verb)))
    	return handlers
    def cbv_handler(cbv, verb):
    	def handler(request):
    		return getattr(cbv(request), verb)()
    	return handler
    class RootHandler:
    	def __init__(self, request):
    		self.request = request
    	def get(self):
    		return Response('hello')
  2. flask-style decorator-based routing is better
    we think you're wrong (explicit is better than implicit), but it's easy enough to achieve:
    routes = []
    def route(path, method='GET'):
    	def wrapper(handler):
    		routes.append((method, path, handler))
    		return handler
    	return wrapper
    def root(request):
    	return Response('hello')
  3. django-style integration with an ORM is better
    you're wrong

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