The algorithms set of packages for LaTeX
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The algorithms set of packages for LaTeX

The algorithms bundle provides two environments, algorithmic and algorithm, designed to typeset pseudo-code with LaTeX.

The algorithmic package provides an environment for the description of algorithms, step-by-step in pseudo-code, while the algorithm environment provides a float wrapper for algorithms to "feature" them in the text.

Even though the primary intention is to use them together, it is possible to just use one of them at the option of the user. The reason for two environments being provided is to allow the user maximum flexibility.


If you are not using a distribution like TeX Live or MikTeX, you can easily install the package by running (on a command line; the $ signals denotes the prompt and should not be typed):

$ tex algorithms.dtx

This should generate, among others, the files algorithm.sty and algorithmic.sty. To use them, just copy them to your texmf tree (or the local directory where the document you want to typeset resides). If you would like to generate the documentation, just use, say:

$ pdflatex algorithms.dtx
$ pdflatex algorithms.dtx

Development and Support

The source code for the bundle is currently hosted in a git repository at

The author welcomes any contribution and also tries to address any bugs or feature requests that may be filed on the issue tracker at

The License

The algorithms bundle is (currently) licensed under the Lesser GPL license, which is a Free Software license. It may, in the future, be released under the standard LaTeX license (the LaTeX Project Public License).

-- Rogério Brito Wed, 08 Nov 2017 05:23:56 -0200