A reference bot design using Azure Functions
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Azure Functions Bot Template

This template deploys:

  • An Azure Functions App (Consumption/on-demand plan) with:
    • A supporting storage account (for WebJob storage and your own queues)
    • An Application Insights account
  • A Redis instance (C0) for managing live state
  • A simple bot that echoes back replies


Unlike typical Azure templates, this one is completely CLI centric, so there are no "click to deploy" links (sorry Windows folk!)

Grab bash, check out the Makefile and you'll be all set.



  • Deploy Azure Function environment
  • Deploy Storage Account for queues (already part of webjob requirements)
  • Configure Azure Function deployment settings
  • Deploy Redis
  • Retrieve/Set AppService local Git credentials and deployment remote programmatically
  • Simple static server inside Functions app
  • Simple bot back-end
  • Simple web front-end for anonymous chats
  • Bot registration
  • Provision default queues and tables
  • User identity management
  • State machine
  • Deploy Cognitive Services Account
  • Enable deployment slots

Bootstrapping a new development machine

If you don't have anything installed, this is what you need to do (generic instructions for Debian-based systems - may require sudo or tweaking your $PATH):

    apt install nodejs npm python-pip
    pip install -U azure-cli

Deploying from scratch

    az login
    az account list # check available accounts
    az account set -s <UUID> # set working account
    # edit the Makefile defaults for a new site
    make params
    make deploy
    make setup-scm

Bot Registration

The following steps require a Microsoft Live ID account (which is typically not how you log in to the Azure Portal in a corporate environment).

  • Using your Azure credentials, log in to the Azure Portal and navigate to the function app
  • Get the function URL for the /bot Azure Function (including key)
  • Login to https://dev.botframework.com with your Live ID, register a new bot
  • Paste the function URL in the Messaging Endpoint field
  • Click on the Create Microsoft App ID and password button to go to apps.dev.microsoft.com, log in with your Live ID and generate a new App ID and password
  • Save those somewhere safe (like an .env file in the project root, which is not visible to git)
  • (Optionally) retrieve the Application Insights instrumentation key from the Application Settings tab in the Azure Functions instance
  • Go to the Azure Portal and set the MICROSOFT_APP_ID and MICROSOFT_APP_PASSWORD environment variables in the Application Settings tab