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Provides keyboard shortcuts and other commands via input text reducing the dependency on mouse usage. Currently the script adds the id to the right of each message and the commands take in this id to identify the selected message. Keyboard navigation support has also been added allowing for individual messages to be navigatable through the keyboard.

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Performing an action on a message

All of the following commands take a single argument - the id of the message you want the action to be performed. You can find the id on the right side of each message beside the timestamp

  • /star - star the message
  • /del - deletes the message
  • /edit - edits the message
  • /quote - quote the message whose id you pass, by posting a link to it
  • /flag - will flag the message as offensive, spam or noise
  • /history - displays the edit history of that message
  • /jump - scrolls to that message if it is available on the page

/edit and /delete can only be performed during the two minute grace period, after which the message is locked. The message id can be left out for these two commands to perform the action on your last message.

Room commands

  • /load - loads more messages
  • /list <filter> - list all rooms, ordered by activity. Rooms will be filtered by <filter> if it is provided
  • /join <id> - join the room with the <id>. Usually used in conjunction with /list
  • /switch <match> - switch to a room which you have already joined. Takes a (partial) substring of the room name you are switching to
  • /transcript <search> - view the room transcript. Performs a transcript search if <search> is provided
  • /leave <match> - leaves the room with name or id matching <match>, or all rooms if all is used, or the current room if nothing is passed

User commands

  • /last <username> - scrolls to the last message said by the user. <username> can be a partial match
  • /profile <site> <name> - searches the <site> for users with display name matching <name>. <site> will go through common abbreviations like MSO, AU and 8bitlavapwnpwniesbossstagesixforhelp before defaulting to <site>
  • /me <message> - wraps the <message> in a pair of * to italicise it in a lame attempt at emulating IRC /me


The /ob [url] command will create onebox-like series of messages that attempt to add onebox support for sites not "officially supported". The following sites are currently supported:

  • Vimeo: Video links will be turned into a preview frame image of the video plus a link to the video in question. Only the link, not the image, will take you to the video.

    Supported URL formats:

  • Stack Exchange: Comment links will be turned into a > quote with a link back to the comment on the site.

    Supported URL formats:

    • http://*{comment-id}

Highlighting messages

In high volume rooms messages or conversations can often be lost under the deluge of activity. Highlighting messages can be a useful way of keeping a temporary bookmark or keeping track of one or more user's messages.

The /hl <match> command takes a message id or a username match to highlight that particular message or user's messages. Calling it without any arguments will list all active highlight rules.


The clipboard is a place to store messages and notes to yourself.

  • /jot [match] is used to take down messages or notes.
    • If [match] is a number, than the message with that id is taken down into the clipboard, else everything else after /jot is stored into the clipboard as a note.
    • To take transcript message to the clipboard simply use /jot [id]|Description format.
      • After jotting down things into the clipboard, an id will be shown. This id will be used to refer to the note when pasting or removing the message from the clipboard.
  • /clips will show a list of all messages and notes taken. Clips and also be managed from here.
  • /paste [id] if a message is pasted, that message will be quoted, else a new message with the note's content will be generated
  • /rmclip [id] will remove the clip with that id from the clipboard

Keyboard Navigation

  • Ctrl + Up Arrow begins navigation
  • Ctrl + Down Arrow cancels navigation and jumps to message input
  • Up Arrow and Down Arrow navigate between messages
    • Page Up and Page Down navigate more quickly (5 messages at a time)
  • On a selected message:
    • Q quotes the selected message
    • E edits the selected message
    • R begins a reply to the selected message
    • D removes the selected message
    • S stars the selected message
    • H shows the history of the message
    • F puts the command to flag a message in the input box
    • J jumps to the replied-to message, if the selected message is an explicit reply
    • C jots the selected message
    • Right Arrow edits or begins a reply to the selected message, depending on if you own it
    • Left Arrow and P display the replied-to message, if the selected message is an explicit reply

Other features

The script will add the id of every message as well as its timestamp on the right of every message, to aid in using some of the commands. Rate limited messages can be retried with ctrl + space


Provides minor tweaks to StackExchange sites.

Stack Apps link

  • Adds a timeline link to each question page
  • Turns comment timestamps into links to the comment, so that they can be linked to. This will only work if the comment is visible when the page is linked to - posts with more than 5 comments and 20 comments on Metas will only show their top voted comments (Unless you have this script).
  • Adds audit link to /reputation
  • Adds history link to each question and answer


Comment reply autocomplete in action

This script also adds chat-like autocomplete for comments replies, in a way (relatively) consistent with these criteria. Note that while editors can be notified, only the last editor's name will show up in the list.


This script adds certain useful information to the reputation audit page (/reputation on all SE 2.0 sites):

  • Autolinkifies the post ID associated with each reputation event
  • Adds description for each vote type instead of seeing vote ID
  • Adds a links to reputation audit pages for all other SE sites for faster navigation


Chatroom favicons with different numbers of unread message counts

Adds unread count and @-mention notifications directly to the favicon of the chatroom page. The circle shows the number of unread messages and turns green when someone @-mentions you.


Automatically converts raw Stack Exchange question links in comments into their correctly-titled [title](link) syntax equivalents before posting.

Stack Apps link


A collection of user scripts for StackExchange sites



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