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The Roam CSS System

The Roam CSS System is deprecated and replaced by Roam Studio. You can find it under Settings -> Community extensions within Roam Depot in the Roam Research Application.

What is it?

The Roam CSS System is a modular, block-based approach for changing the look and feel of Roam Research. It has been thoughtfully engineered to allow easy customization by the non-tech-affine end user and offers different minimal, beautiful designed elegant themes.

If you want to support my work

Thanks a lot for your support!

How does this work?

  • Create or modify your 'roam/css' page.
  • Add a new code block at the top and set the language to 'CSS'.
  • For the iA Quattro theme, add the following line to it:

@import url('');

  • If you want the lesswrong theme, add the following line to it:

@import url('');

Force light or dark mode

  • If you want to force the bright or dark mode independent of the system settings use:

    @import url('');

    @import url('');


    @import url('');

    @import url('');

Customize the themes

You can easily customize 400 UI elements with more than 1,700 attributes. Read the detailed instructions for customizing it here.






iA Quattro


Bugs and feedback

  • If you find a bug, file it under Issues with a short description and an screenshot
  • If you want to discuss an issue contact me on Twitter or drop me an email to roam (at) rcvd (dot) io

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