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Rebuild of react-bootstrap-table

Note that react-bootstrap-table2's npm module name is react-bootstrap-table-next due to the name being already taken.

react-bootstrap-table2 separates some functionalities from its core modules to other modules as listed in the following:

Not only does this reduce the bundle size of your apps but also helps us have a cleaner design to avoid handling too much logic in the kernel module(SRP).


If you are coming from the legacy react-bootstrap-table, please check out the migration guide.


See getting started.

Online Demo

See react-bootstrap-table2 storybook.


Please check the development guide.

Running storybook example on your local machine

# Clone the repo
$ git clone

# change dir to the cloned repo
$ cd react-bootstrap-table2

# Install all dependencies with yarn
$ yarn install

# Start the stroybook server, then go to localhost:6006
$ yarn storybook

Storybook examples: packages/react-bootstrap-table2-example/examples