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React table component with useful functions.

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npm install
npm start



import Table from 'rc-table';

const columns = [
    title: 'Name',
    dataIndex: 'name',
    key: 'name',
    width: 100,
    title: 'Age',
    dataIndex: 'age',
    key: 'age',
    width: 100,
    title: 'Address',
    dataIndex: 'address',
    key: 'address',
    width: 200,
    title: 'Operations',
    dataIndex: '',
    key: 'operations',
    render: () => <a href="#">Delete</a>,

const data = [
  { name: 'Jack', age: 28, address: 'some where', key: '1' },
  { name: 'Rose', age: 36, address: 'some where', key: '2' },

React.render(<Table columns={columns} data={data} />, mountNode);



Name Type Default Description
tableLayout auto | fixed auto | fixed for any columns is fixed or ellipsis or header is fixed
prefixCls String rc-table
className String additional className
id String identifier of the container div
useFixedHeader Boolean false whether use separator table for header. better set width for columns
scroll Object {x: false, y: false} whether table can be scroll in x/y direction, x or y can be a number that indicated the width and height of table body
expandable Object Config expand props
expandable.defaultExpandAllRows Boolean false Expand All Rows initially
expandable.defaultExpandedRowKeys String[] [] initial expanded rows keys
expandable.expandedRowKeys String[] current expanded rows keys
expandable.expandedRowRender Function(recode, index, indent, expanded):ReactNode Content render to expanded row
expandable.expandedRowClassName Function(recode, index, indent):string get expanded row's className
expandable.expandRowByClick boolean Support expand by click row
expandable.expandIconColumnIndex Number 0 The index of expandIcon which column will be inserted when expandIconAsCell is false
expandable.expandIcon props => ReactNode Customize expand icon
expandable.indentSize Number 15 indentSize for every level of data.i.children, better using with column.width specified
expandable.rowExpandable (record) => boolean Config row support expandable
expandable.onExpand Function(expanded, record) function to call when click expand icon
expandable.onExpandedRowsChange Function(expandedRows) function to call when the expanded rows change
expandable.fixed String | Boolean - this expand icon will be fixed when table scroll horizontally: true or left or right and expandIconColumnIndex need to stay first or last
rowKey string or Function(record, index):string 'key' If rowKey is string, record[rowKey] will be used as key. If rowKey is function, the return value of rowKey(record, index) will be use as key.
rowClassName string or Function(record, index, indent):string get row's className
rowRef Function(record, index, indent):string get row's ref key
data Object[] data record array to be rendered
onRow Function(record, index) Set custom props per each row.
onHeaderRow Function(record, index) Set custom props per each header row.
showHeader Boolean true whether table head is shown
title Function(currentData) table title render function
footer Function(currentData) table footer render function
emptyText React.Node or Function No Data Display text when data is empty
columns Object[] The columns config of table, see table below
components Object Override table elements, see #171 for more details
sticky boolean | {offsetHeader?: number, offsetScroll?: number, getContainer?: () => Window | HTMLElement } false stick header and scroll bar

Column Props

Name Type Default Description
key String key of this column
className String className of this column
colSpan Number thead colSpan of this column
title React Node title of this column
dataIndex String display field of the data record
width String | Number width of the specific proportion calculation according to the width of the columns
fixed String | Boolean this column will be fixed when table scroll horizontally: true or 'left' or 'right'
align String specify how cell content is aligned
ellipsis Boolean specify whether cell content be ellipsized
onCell Function(record, index) Set custom props per each cell.
onHeaderCell Function(record) Set custom props per each header cell.
render Function(value, row, index) The render function of cell, has three params: the text of this cell, the record of this row, the index of this row, it's return an object:{ children: value, props: { colSpan: 1, rowSpan:1 } } ==> 'children' is the text of this cell, props is some setting of this cell, eg: 'colspan' set td colspan, 'rowspan' set td rowspan


rc-table is released under the MIT license.