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React Upload

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npm install
npm start



online example:


  • support ie8,ie8+,chrome,firefox,safari




var Upload = require('rc-upload');
var React = require('react');
React.render(<Upload />, container);



name type default description
name string file file param post to server
style object {} root component inline style
className string - root component className
disabled boolean false whether disabled
component "div" "span" "span"
supportServerRender boolean false whether to support server render
onReady function only call when supportServerRender is true, upload is rendered completely
action string | function(file): string | Promise<string> form action url
directory boolean false support upload whole directory
data object/function(file) other data object to post or a function which returns a data object
headers object {} http headers to post, available in modern browsers
accept string input accept attribute
multiple boolean false only support ie10+
onStart function start upload file
onError function error callback
onSuccess function success callback
onProgress function progress callback, only for modern browsers
beforeUpload function null before upload check, return false or a rejected Promise will stop upload, only for modern browsers
customRequest function null provide an override for the default xhr behavior for additional customization
withCredentials boolean false ajax upload with cookie send

onError arguments

  1. err: request error message
  2. response: request response, not support on iframeUpload
  3. file: upload file

onSuccess arguments

  1. result: response body
  2. file: upload file
  3. xhr: xhr header, only for modern browsers which support AJAX upload. since 2.4.0


Allows for advanced customization by overriding default behavior in AjaxUploader. Provide your own XMLHttpRequest calls to interface with custom backend processes or interact with AWS S3 service through the aws-sdk-js package.

customRequest callback is passed an object with:

  • onProgress: (event: { percent: number }): void
  • onError: (event: Error, body?: Object): void
  • onSuccess: (body: Object): void
  • data: Object
  • filename: String
  • file: File
  • withCredentials: Boolean
  • action: String
  • headers: Object


abort(file?: File) => void: abort the uploading file

IE8/9 Note

Download Popup Problem

In iframe uploader way, the content-type of response should be text/plain or text/html. See more about Content-Type Negotiation

What's more, in iframe mode, the response's status should always be 200 OK, otherwise you might get an Access is denied error in IE 8/9.

Domain Problem

If the Page set document.domain, then server should output document.domain according to _documentDomain parameter.

var ret = '';
if (postData._documentDomain) {
  ret += '<script>document.domain="'+postData._documentDomain+'";</script>';
this.body = ret + '{"url":"xx.jpq"}';


rc-upload is released under the MIT license.