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React component pull down refresh and pull up load more
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Refreshing and Loading more component for react.

pullLoad is another refreshing and loading more lib without react, support require.js to load lib.


demo1 use ReactPullLoad root DOM as container

demo2 use ReactPullLoad root DOM as container

demo3 use document.body as container, and config UI component (HeadNode and FooterNode).

demo4 forbidden pull refresh

version 1.2.0

Support Typescript


  1. Only depend on react/react-dom, without any other package.
  2. Use less.
  3. Support body or root Dom as container.
  4. Bind touch event on component root Dom.
  5. It.s develop as Pure react component.
  6. Support config UI component (HeadNode and FooterNode).
  7. Can apply refreshing or loading through modify STATE.
  8. Only support mobile device

How to use

npm install --save react-pullload
import ReactPullLoad, { STATS } from "react-pullload";
import "node_modules/react-pullload/dist/ReactPullLoad.css";

export class App extends Component {
  constructor() {
    this.state = {
      hasMore: true,
      data: cData,
      action: STATS.init,
      index: loadMoreLimitNum //loading more test time limit

  handleAction = action => {, this.state.action, action === this.state.action);
    //new action must do not equel to old action
    if (action === this.state.action) {
      return false;

    if (action === STATS.refreshing) {
    } else if (action === STATS.loading) {
    } else {
      //DO NOT modify below code
        action: action

  handRefreshing = () => {
    if (STATS.refreshing === this.state.action) {
      return false;

    setTimeout(() => {
      //refreshing complete
        data: cData,
        hasMore: true,
        action: STATS.refreshed,
        index: loadMoreLimitNum
    }, 3000);

      action: STATS.refreshing

  handLoadMore = () => {
    if (STATS.loading === this.state.action) {
      return false;
    if (!this.state.hasMore) {

    setTimeout(() => {
      if (this.state.index === 0) {
          action: STATS.reset,
          hasMore: false
      } else {
          data: [, cData[0], cData[0]],
          action: STATS.reset,
          index: this.state.index - 1
    }, 3000);

      action: STATS.loading

  render() {
    const { data, hasMore } = this.state;

    const fixHeaderStyle = {
      position: "fixed",
      width: "100%",
      height: "50px",
      color: "#fff",
      lineHeight: "50px",
      backgroundColor: "#e24f37",
      left: 0,
      top: 0,
      textAlign: "center",
      zIndex: 1

    return (
        <div style={fixHeaderStyle}>fixed header</div>
          style={{ paddingTop: 50 }}
          <ul className="test-ul">
            <button onClick={this.handRefreshing}>refreshing</button>
            <button onClick={this.handLoadMore}>loading more</button>
            {, index) => {
              return (
                <li key={index}>
                  <img src={str} alt="" />


Property Description Type default Remarks
action sync component status string isRequired
handleAction handle status func isRequired
hasMore flag for are there any more content to load bool false
downEnough how long distance is enough to refreshing num 100 use px as unit
distanceBottom current position is apart from bottom num 100 use px as unit
isBlockContainer set root dom as container bool false
HeadNode custom header UI compoent any ReactPullLoad HeadNode must be a react component
FooterNode custom footer UI compoent any ReactPullLoad FooterNode must be a react component

Remarks: ReactPullLoad support set root dom className and style.

STATS list

Property Value root className explain
init '' component initial status
pulling 'pulling' state-pulling pull status
enough 'pulling enough' state-pulling.enough pull down enough status
refreshing 'refreshing' state-refreshing refreshing status fetch data
refreshed 'refreshed' state-refreshed refreshed
reset 'reset' state-reset reset status
loading 'loading' state-loading fetching data

init/reset -> pulling -> enough -> refreshing -> refreshed -> reset

init/reset -> pulling -> reset

init/reset -> loading -> reset

Custom UI components

Please refer to the default HeadNode and FooterNode components

ReactPullLoad HeadNode

ReactPullLoad FooterNode

Or refer to demo3, show different dom style through compare props loaderState width STATS.




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