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This repo contains the source code and documentation powering

以下はオリジナル(英語版)リポジトリの README です。日本語版 React ドキュメントへの貢献(翻訳・修正など)に興味がある方はこちらの Wiki ページを参照してください。

Getting started


  1. Git
  2. Node: any 12.x version starting with v12.0.0 or greater
  3. Yarn: See Yarn website for installation instructions
  4. A fork of the repo (for any contributions)
  5. A clone of the repo on your local machine


  1. cd to go into the project root
  2. yarn to install the website's npm dependencies

Running locally

  1. yarn dev to start the development server (powered by Next.js)
  2. open http://localhost:3000 to open the site in your favorite browser



The documentation is divided into several sections with a different tone and purpose. If you plan to write more than a few sentences, you might find it helpful to get familiar with the contributing guidelines for the appropriate sections.

Create a branch

  1. git checkout main from any folder in your local repository
  2. git pull origin main to ensure you have the latest main code
  3. git checkout -b the-name-of-my-branch (replacing the-name-of-my-branch with a suitable name) to create a branch

Make the change

  1. Follow the "Running locally" instructions
  2. Save the files and check in the browser
  3. Changes to React components in src will hot-reload
  4. Changes to markdown files in content will hot-reload
  5. If working with plugins, you may need to remove the .cache directory and restart the server

Test the change

  1. If possible, test any visual changes in all latest versions of common browsers, on both desktop and mobile.
  2. Run yarn check-all. (This will run Prettier, ESLint and validate types.)

Push it

  1. git add -A && git commit -m "My message" (replacing My message with a commit message, such as Fix header logo on Android) to stage and commit your changes
  2. git push my-fork-name the-name-of-my-branch
  3. Go to the repo and you should see recently pushed branches.
  4. Follow GitHub's instructions.
  5. If possible, include screenshots of visual changes. A preview build is triggered after your changes are pushed to GitHub.


If you are interested in translating, please see the current translation efforts here.


Content submitted to is CC-BY-4.0 licensed, as found in the file.