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React Codemods Build Status

This repository contains a collection of codemods to help update React apps.

All codemods, whether you use the codemod CLI command or react-codemod, are free and open source, with the source code available in this repository.


We recommend using the codemod command for an enhanced experience and better support.

npx codemod <framework>/<version>/<transform> --target <path> [...options]

  • transform - name of transform, see available transforms below.
  • path - directory to transform

Check codemod docs for the full list of available commands.

For the legacy react-codemod command, see

Available Codemods

All React codemods are also available in the Codemod Registry.


Converts Context.Provider JSX opening and closing elements into Context.

npx codemod react/19/remove-context-provider --target <path>


Removes usages of forwardRef.

npx codemod react/19/remove-forward-ref --target <path>


Replaces usages of React.useContext(...) with React.use(...).

npx codemod react/19/use-context-hook --target <path>


Updates act import path from react-dom/test-utils to react.

npx codemod react/19/replace-act-import --target <path>


Replaces deprecated string refs with callback refs.

npx codemod react/19/replace-string-ref --target <path>


Replaces usages of useFormState() to use useActionState().

npx codemod react/19/replace-use-form-state --target <path>


Replaces usages of ReactDom.render() with createRoot(node).render().

npx codemod react/19/replace-reactdom-render --target <path>


Converts calls to React.createElement into JSX elements.

npx codemod react/create-element-to-jsx --target <path>


Renames the experimental unstable_handleError lifecycle hook to componentDidCatch.

npx codemod react/error-boundaries --target <path>


Updates this.getDOMNode() or calls inside of React.createClass components to React.findDOMNode(foo). Note that it will only look at code inside of React.createClass calls and only update calls on the component instance or its refs. You can use this script to update most calls to getDOMNode and then manually go through the remaining calls.

npx codemod react/findDOMNode --target <path>


Converts manual function bindings in a class (e.g., this.f = this.f.bind(this)) to arrow property initializer functions (e.g., f = () => {}).

npx codemod react/manual-bind-to-arrow --target <path>


Converts ES6 classes that only have a render method, only have safe properties (statics and props), and do not have refs to Functional Components.

The wizard will ask for 2 options -

  • Use arrow functions?: converts to arrow function. Converts to function by default.
  • Destructure props?: will destructure props in the argument where it is safe to do so.
npx codemod react/pure-component --target <path>


Removes PureRenderMixin and inlines shouldComponentUpdate so that the ES2015 class transform can pick up the React component and turn it into an ES2015 class. NOTE: This currently only works if you are using the master version (>0.13.1) of React as it is using React.addons.shallowCompare

npx codemod react/pure-render-mixin --target <path>
  • The wizard will ask to optionally override mixin-name, and look for it instead of PureRenderMixin. Note that it is not possible to use a namespaced name for the mixin. mixins: [React.addons.PureRenderMixin] will not currently work.


Replaces React.PropTypes references with prop-types and adds the appropriate import or require statement. This codemod is intended for React 15.5+.

npx codemod react/React-PropTypes-to-prop-types --target <path>
  • In addition to running the above codemod you will also need to install the prop-types NPM package.


Adds UNSAFE_ prefix for deprecated lifecycle hooks. (For more information about this codemod, see React RFC #6)

npx codemod react/rename-unsafe-lifecycles --target <path>


Updates code for the split of the react and react-dom packages (e.g., React.render to ReactDOM.render). It looks for require('react') and replaces the appropriate property accesses using require('react-dom'). It does not support ES6 modules or other non-CommonJS systems. We recommend performing the findDOMNode conversion first.

npx codemod react/react-to-react-dom --target <path>
  • After running the automated codemod, you may want to run a regex-based find-and-replace to remove extra whitespace between the added requires, such as -m -d src --extensions js '(var React\s*=\s*require\(.react.\);)\n\n(\s*var ReactDOM)' '\1\n\2' using


Converts calls like React.DOM.div(...) to React.createElement('div', ...).

npx codemod react/React-DOM-to-react-dom-factories --target <path>


Replaces View.propTypes references with ViewPropTypes and adds the appropriate import or require statement. This codemod is intended for ReactNative 44+.

npx codemod react/ReactNative-View-propTypes --target <path>


As of Babel 7.9.0, when using runtime: automatic in @babel/preset-react or @babel/plugin-transform-react-jsx, you will not need to explicitly import React for compiling jsx. This codemod removes the redundant import statements. It also converts default imports (import React from 'react') to named imports (e.g. import { useState } from 'react').

The wizard will ask for 1 option -

  • Destructure namespace imports as well?: If chosen, namespace imports like import * as React will also be converted. By default, it's false, so only default imports (import React) are converted.
npx codemod react/update-react-imports --target <path>

Support and Contributing

The scripts in this repository are maintained by the React team in collaboration with the team.

If you want to contribute, you're welcome to submit a pull request.


react-codemod is MIT licensed.