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@clue clue released this 11 Jul 14:59
  • First stable LTS release, now following SemVer.
    We'd like to emphasize that this component is production ready and battle-tested.
    We plan to support all long-term support (LTS) releases for at least 24 months,
    so you have a rock-solid foundation to build on top of.

This update involves a number of BC breaks due to dropped support for
deprecated functionality and some internal API cleanup. We've tried hard to
avoid BC breaks where possible and minimize impact otherwise. We expect that
most consumers of this package will actually not be affected by any BC
breaks, see below for more details:

  • BC break: Delete all deprecated APIs, use Query objects for Message questions
    instead of nested arrays and increase code coverage to 100%.
    (#130 by @clue)

  • BC break: Move $nameserver from ExecutorInterface to UdpTransportExecutor,
    remove advanced/internal UdpTransportExecutor args for Parser/BinaryDumper and
    add API documentation for ExecutorInterface.
    (#135, #137 and #138 by @clue)

  • BC break: Replace HeaderBag attributes with simple Message properties.
    (#132 by @clue)

  • BC break: Mark all Record attributes as required, add documentation vs Query.
    (#136 by @clue)

  • BC break: Mark all classes as final to discourage inheritance
    (#134 by @WyriHaximus)