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Realtime Messaging example using React Native for Android (including Push Notifications)

Realtime Cloud Messaging React Native for Android Example (including GCM mobile push notifications)

This example is a simple app that allows you to send and receive messages between devices using React Native and the Realtime Messaging React Native SDK for Android.

Realtime Cloud Messaging is a highly-scalable pub/sub message broker, allowing you to broadcast messages to millions of users, reliably and securely. It's all in the cloud so you don't need to manage servers.

React Native enables you to build world-class application experiences on native platforms using a consistent developer experience based on JavaScript and React.

##How to test this demo application

  • Create a new react-native project with name RealtimeRCT. Check react-native getting started

  • Replace for the one provided in this repository.

  • Install the RCTRealtimeMessagingAndroid SDK, follow the documentation on realtime framework GitHub.

  • Create a Google project in here.

  • Create a Realtime messaging account and configure the Google Api key on the account, you can check more details of this process in the android native configuration guide for push notification. Note: Theres no need to change Manifest.xml in react-native, that is just for android native.

  • Update to use your Google project number and Realtime application key.

You are ready to go.

##Testing the custom push notifications delivery

To test the Realtime Custom Push Notifications you need to use the Realtime Mobile Push REST API to send a custom push with the following POST to

   "applicationKey": "[INSERT YOUR APP KEY]",
   "privateKey": "[INSERT YOUR APP PRIVATE KEY]",
   "channel" : "[INSERT CHANNEL TO SEND PUSH]",
   "message" : "[INSERT ALERT TEXT]",
    "payload" : "{
     \"sound\" : \"default\",
     \"badge\" : \"1\",
     \"name\" : \"Joe\",
     \"age\" : \"48\"

Have fun pushing!



Realtime Cloud Messaging React Native for Android Example (including GCM mobile push notifications)




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