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This repository is used for managing all our dev session resources and rules for guidance.

List of Talks

Topic Links Presenter Date
CLoud watch setup and integration on EC2 instance Video, Slides Muhammad AbdulMoiz 20th April, 2018
Rows Locking system using PostgreSQL and NodeJS Video, Slides Muhammad AbdulMoiz 25th April, 2018
Named Router Outlets in Angular Slides, Code Abdul Qadir 11th April 2018
Typescript: beyond basics Slides Abdul Qadir 21st February 2018
What is in the Parcel📦? Slides, Code Sample Sohaib Nehal 14th February 2018
Code Modification Slides Muhammad Ammar Hasan 11th January 2018
JavaScript Utility Libraries Slides, Video Sohaib Nehal 29th December 2017
Introduction to CSS Preprocessors Slides, Video Narain Sagar 26th Dec 2017
The Power of Decorators NA Rahil Khurshid Ali 20th Dec 2017
CSS Grid Layout Slides, Video Muhammad Ammar Hasan 11th Dec 2017
Intro to Web Components & PolymerJs 2 Slides Video Nawazish Ali 22nd Nov 2017
Components as a Service NA Abdul Qadir 15th Nov 2017
Art of Presentations Slides, Video Sohaib Nehal 13th Nov 2017
Up and Running with Loopback Video, Slides Ali Zenaish Noorani 8th Nov 2017
Advanced Angular Routing Video, Slides, Live Demo, Code Narain Sagar 1st Nov 2017
Introduction to Observables with RxJs Slides, Video Muhammad AbdulMoiz 25th October, 2017
Google Data Studio Community Connectors Slides Sohaib Nehal 19th Oct, 2017
Web Accessibility 101 Slides, Video Mashhood Rastgar 3rd Oct, 2017
Protractor and BrowserStack Integration Slides, Video Muhammad AbdulMoiz 20th September, 2017
Introduction to Docker Slides, Video Mashhood Rastgar 9th July 2017
Creating PWAs with Angular Video, Slides, Live Demo, Code Ahsan Ayaz 22nd July 2017
Content projection with Angular Slides, Video Zenab Saleem 19th July, 2017
Getting Started with Open Source Contribution Slides, Video Narain Sagar 12th July, 2017
Jest Basics Slides Muhammad AbdulMoiz 5th July, 2017
What's new in Angular4 Video, Slides, Live Demo, Code Narain Sagar 29th March, 2017
Debugging Angular2+ Apps Slides, Video Narain Sagar 27th January, 2017
Angular2+ End To End Testing Video, Slides Narain Sagar 2nd December, 2016
Introduction to Angular2+ unit testing Video, Slides Abdul Qadir 27th March, 2017


A repository for managing all our dev session resources and rules for guidance.






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