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Stand-alone Wordpress API written in Javascript/Node,Ruby and PHP without any hard dependencies.
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Wordscript JSON API

Ronaldo Barbachano

This API provides simple interfaces for retreving Wordpress MySQL data; without needing an installed/ working version of Wordpress, MySQL, or even PHP (when using node or ruby versions).

New Meta Field Images/Attachments Support

Wordscript will now support meta fields (node version forthcoming), and also supports the Attachments Pro plugin (it seemed to be popular) including fields. These options can be configured in config.php


Much faster. Uses a fraction of memory. Design your applications around json structures. Easy to implement in javascript applications. Create your own themes using your own tools. Migrate an existing wordpress installation to use NoSQL technologies.


Copy an example configuration of the api you'd like to use and supply your information

cp config-example.php config.php

cp config-example.node.js config.node.js

cp config-example.rb config.rb

Install Dependencies

Node and Ruby api's will need non-standard libraries installable via npm (node package manager) and gem.

Node Depdendences

No npm?

gem install npm

npm install mysql

Ruby Dependencies

gem install mysql2

gem install json

gem install php_serialize

This API generates queries based on passed get parameters to deliver json structures.

This can effectively seperate 'development' enviornments from production, and can still allow usage of the administrative wordpress interface to handle user accounts, post creation etc.

What this won't do

You can't use this API to modify anything in the database, and this does not track comments or multi-level category hiearchy. This may change.

What this should do

Eventually I would like to create a basic templating construct, allowing users to define html structures to insert the wordpress data into, support RSS feeds (?rss=), configuration options for thumbnail display/image tag generation. Support xml responses with (?xml=). Also I may consider writing API's for Perl and Python.

General API Reference

base url





(get 10 latests posts)


(get 10 latest posts inside  'news' categories)


(get categories)


Cool _GET options

Add these after the &json= to enable some simple options like...

&stats --will add basic statistics (load,query count, and memory use)

&embed --will add 'var wp_api=[json];' which should make it easier to include as a javascript &noTag -- Does not look up tags (saves a crap load of queries) &categories -- includes categories (?json=categories)

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