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UI Rendering Layer for React and Material-UI

Getting Started

Getting Started App

The best way to get started with MSON is to play with the Getting Started App. In just a few lines of MSON, you'll generate an app that can list, edit, filter and sort a list of contacts. And, for extra fun, you can use Firebase to make it real-time capable.

Autogenerate forms in React and Material-UI with MSON

Implementing great forms can be a real time-waster. With just a few lines of JSON, you can use MSON to generate forms that perform real-time validation and have a consistent layout.

Adding MSON-React to Your Existing React Project

  • yarn add @date-io/date-fns @material-ui/core date-fns @material-ui/pickers mson mson-react typeface-roboto
    • Note: this is needed as MSON and MSON-React are libraries that work in conjunction with React, Material UI and Date-IO. As such, these dependencies are peer dependencies.
  • Add the following to the head section of your index.html:
    <link href="" rel="stylesheet">
    Note: MSON-React uses font icons as the user can specify any Icon during runtime and the alternative of bundling all the icons as SVG icons would make your JS bundle huge

More info

See MSON for details