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React Reduction - Free Admin Template Built with React and Bootstrap4

React Reduction


You can check out live preview.

Quick Start

  1. Clone the repo git clone
  2. Go to your project folder from your terminal
  3. Run: npm install or yarn install
  4. After install, run: npm run start or yarn start
  5. It will open your browser(http://localhost:3000)


React Reduction is built on top of Create React App, which means all features that create-react-app supports are available.

To enable basic Google Analytics page tracking, you can add "REACT_APP_GOOGLE_ANALYTICS" variable in .env(or create env.production) file. For example, REACT_APP_GOOGLE_ANALYTICS=xxxxxx like this.

More Bootstrap Themes

If you want more premium or free React Bootstrap themes, you can get it here

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