Tooling to help support REI digital design systems
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Tooling to help support REI digital design systems

Audit extension

  1. Clone or download repo
  2. In Chrome open Settings > Extensions
  3. Check Developer mode
  4. Click Load unpacked extension
  5. Navigate to directory of audit-chrome-extension and click OK
  6. Click Options for the extension (it will set up for 'rei-cedar' by default) and configure as needed then click Save.
  7. Click the extension icon to audit any page currently being viewed.

CSS Report

View the most recently run report here


If you'd like to run it locally, follow these instructions:

  1. Clone or download repo
  2. cd css-report
  3. npm install
  4. npm run report (this runs npm run scrape which gets the data and saves the raw values to a file, npm run process which reads that file and generates statistics for the pages then saves them to a file the app uses, and npm run dev which loads the webpack server and opens the results)

To update the gh-page report, run npm run update and commit changes back to the master branch.