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Danbooru Utility

Danbooru Utility is a simple python script for working with gwern's Danbooru2018 dataset. It can explore the dataset, filter by tags, rating, and score, detect faces, and resize the images. I've been using it to make datasets for gan training.


pip3 install danbooru-utility

Make sure you have downloaded Danbooru2018. It's ~3.3M annotated anime images, so downloading may take a long time.


First let's search for something fairly particular.

$ danbooru-utility \
--directory ~/datasets/danbooru-gwern/danbooru2018/ \
--rating "s" \
--required_tags "archer,toosaka_rin,hug" \
--max_examples 3 \
--img_size 256

Processed 3 files. Added 3 images. It took 14.39 sec

This will find three images with the required tags, and resize them to 256x256. Note this took a long time since the filtering is just done in a loop. Let's check what this produced in out-images:

Rin Archer example 1 Rin Archer example 2 Rin Archer example 3

Now let's run the same command but with face detection:

$ danbooru-utility \
--directory ~/datasets/danbooru-gwern/danbooru2018/ \
--rating "s" \
--required_tags "archer,toosaka_rin,hug" \
--max_examples 3 \
--img_size 256 \

Processed 3 files. Added 1 images. It took 12.48 sec

That produced:

Rin Archer face example

So it cropped with the face in the upper center of the image.

Let's change the face_scale parameter. This controls how much of the image around the face is included in the crop.

$ danbooru-utility \
--directory ~/datasets/danbooru-gwern/danbooru2018/ \
--rating "s" \
--required_tags "archer,toosaka_rin,hug" \
--max_examples 3 \
--img_size 256 \
--faces \
--overwrite \
--face_scale 1.8

Processed 3 files. Added 1 images. It took 12.49 sec

Rin Archer face scale example

A little tighter crop.

If you have already processed some images this utility will check and not reproduce them, unless you use --overwrite. So if you change image generation parameters you should use this flag. You can also specify a --link_dir to symlink to. So you can, for instance, resize a large number of images, and then create datasets for specific tags quickly.

So for GAN training I would use something like this to generate a training set:

$ danbooru-utility \
--directory ~/datasets/danbooru-gwern/danbooru2018/ \
--rating "s,q" \
--banned_tags "photo,comic" \
--max_examples 1000000000 \
--img_size 256 \

Processed 100 files. It took 10.36 sec
Processed 200 files. It took 20.06 sec
Processed 300 files. It took 39.16 sec


For details on parameters check help.

$ danbooru-utility -h
usage: danbooru-utility [-h] [-d DIRECTORY] [--metadata_dir METADATA_DIR]
                        [--save_dir SAVE_DIR] [--link_dir LINK_DIR]
                        [-r REQUIRED_TAGS] [-b BANNED_TAGS] [-a ATLEAST_TAGS]
                        [--ratings RATINGS] [--score_range SCORE_RANGE]
                        [-n ATLEAST_NUM] [--overwrite [OVERWRITE]]
                        [--preview [PREVIEW]] [--faces [FACES]]
                        [--face_scale FACE_SCALE]
                        [--max_examples MAX_EXAMPLES] [--img_size IMG_SIZE]

danbooru2018 utility script

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d DIRECTORY, --directory DIRECTORY
                        Danbooru dataset directory.
  --metadata_dir METADATA_DIR
                        Metadata path below base directory. Will load all json
                        files here.
  --save_dir SAVE_DIR   Directory processed images are saved to.
  --link_dir LINK_DIR   Directory with already processed images. Used to
                        symlink to if the files exist.
  -r REQUIRED_TAGS, --required_tags REQUIRED_TAGS
                        Tags required.
  -b BANNED_TAGS, --banned_tags BANNED_TAGS
                        Tags disallowed.
  -a ATLEAST_TAGS, --atleast_tags ATLEAST_TAGS
                        Requires some number of these tags.
  --ratings RATINGS     Only include images with these ratings. "s,q,e" are
                        the possible entries, and represent
  --score_range SCORE_RANGE
                        Only include images inside this score range.
  -n ATLEAST_NUM, --atleast_num ATLEAST_NUM
                        Minimum number of atleast_tags required.
  --overwrite [OVERWRITE]
                        Overwrite images in save directory.
  --preview [PREVIEW]   Preview images.
  --faces [FACES]       Detect faces and try to include them in top of image.
  --face_scale FACE_SCALE
                        Height and width multiplier over size of face.
  --max_examples MAX_EXAMPLES
                        Maximum number of files to load.
  --img_size IMG_SIZE   Size of side for resized images.

Here's an example metadata entry in Danbooru2018:

{'approver_id': '0',
 'created_at': '2016-10-26 09:32:42.38506 UTC',
 'down_score': '0',
 'favs': ['12082', '334419', '496852', '516035', '487870'],
 'file_ext': 'jpg',
 'file_size': '753165',
 'has_children': False,
 'id': '2524919',
 'image_height': '874',
 'image_width': '1181',
 'is_banned': False,
 'is_deleted': False,
 'is_flagged': False,
 'is_note_locked': False,
 'is_pending': False,
 'is_rating_locked': False,
 'is_status_locked': False,
 'last_commented_at': '1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC',
 'last_noted_at': '1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC',
 'md5': 'a9260780fbf5cfd661878f92a268124e',
 'parent_id': '2524918',
 'pixiv_id': '54348754',
 'pools': [],
 'rating': 's',
 'score': '3',
 'source': '',
 'tags': [{'category': '0', 'id': '540830', 'name': '1boy'},
		  {'category': '0', 'id': '470575', 'name': '1girl'},
		  {'category': '1', 'id': '1332557', 'name': 'akira_(ubw)'},
		  {'category': '4', 'id': '396', 'name': 'archer'},
		  {'category': '0', 'id': '13200', 'name': 'black_hair'},
		  {'category': '0', 'id': '3389', 'name': 'blush'},
		  {'category': '0', 'id': '4563', 'name': 'bow'},
		  {'category': '0', 'id': '465619', 'name': 'closed_eyes'},
		  {'category': '0', 'id': '71730', 'name': 'dark_skin'},
		  {'category': '0', 'id': '610236', 'name': 'dark_skinned_male'},
		  {'category': '3', 'id': '5', 'name': 'fate/stay_night'},
		  {'category': '3', 'id': '662939', 'name': 'fate_(series)'},
		  {'category': '0', 'id': '374938', 'name': 'frown'},
		  {'category': '0', 'id': '374844', 'name': 'hair_bow'},
		  {'category': '0', 'id': '5126', 'name': 'hug'},
		  {'category': '0', 'id': '1815', 'name': 'smile'},
		  {'category': '0', 'id': '125238', 'name': 'sweatdrop'},
		  {'category': '4', 'id': '400140', 'name': 'toosaka_rin'},
		  {'category': '0', 'id': '652604', 'name': 'two_side_up'},
		  {'category': '0', 'id': '16581', 'name': 'white_hair'}],
 'up_score': '3',
 'updated_at': '2018-06-05 05:37:49.87865 UTC',
 'uploader_id': '39276'}

You can explore the metadata and find what tags are associated with each image using --preview.


This could load the dataset into a relational database, allowing much more efficient and powerful querying.

The face detection has room for improvement. It has rare false positives, and a fair number of false negatives.

I'm happy to consider pull requests.


Thanks to gwern for the excellent danbooru dataset.

Thanks to nagadomi for the anime face detection model.


Utility for working with danbooru2018 dataset







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