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In-depth bundle analyzer for webpack(bundle size, assets, modules, packages)
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Generate bundle report(bundle size, assets, modules, packages) and compare the results between different builds.

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- Bundle size and totals by file type(css, js, img, etc)
- Cache invalidation, Initial JS/CSS and other bundle specific metrics
- Assets report (entrypoint, initial, types, changed, delta)
- Modules report (changed, delta) by chunk
- Packages report (count, duplicate, changed, delta)
⭐️ Side by side comparison for multiple jobs



CLI and webapck plugin to generate bundle report.


Gatsby plugin for BundleStats.


Gatsby plugin for BundleStats.


HTML templates for BundleStats reports.


UI components for BundleStats projects.


Utilities for BundleStats projects.

Related projects


Standalone web application to compare Webpack/Lighthouse/Browsertime stats.

Continuous monitoring for web bundle stats:

  • monitor bundle size, assets, modules, packages
  • Github Checks integration
  • support for all major CI services (Travis CI, Circle CI, Jenkins, Gitlab CI, Codeship, etc)
  • free for OpenSource
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