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CLI tool written in GO that allows to switch the typist in a remote mob programming session quickly with git and a remote branch.
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Tool for Remote Mob Programming

mob Logo

Swift handover for remote mobs using git. mob is a CLI tool written in GO. It keeps your master branch clean and creates WIP commits on mob-session branch.

How to use it?

# simon begins the mob session as typist
simon$ mob start 10
# after 10 minutes...
simon$ mob next
# carola takes over as the second typist
carola$ mob start 10
# after 10 minutes...
carola$ mob next
simon$ mob start 10
# After 6 minutes the work is done.
simon$ mob done
simon$ git commit --message "describe what the mob session was all about"

How does it work?

  • mob start 10 creates branch mob-session and pulls from origin/mob-session, and creates a ten minute timer

  • mob next pushes all changes to origin/mob-sessionin a WIP [ci-skip] commit

  • mob done squashes all changes in mob-session into staging of master and removes mob-session and origin/mob-session

  • mob status display the mob session status and all the created WIP commits

  • mob reset deletes mob-session and origin/mob-session

How does it really work?

$ MOB_DEBUG=true mob start

Prints out any git commands and their results.

How to install

$ brew install golang
$ git clone
$ cd mob
$ ./install
# Now, you can use the mob tool from anywhere directory in the terminal

On linux systems you need the GNUstep speech engine to get the timer running.

On Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install gnustep-gui-runtime

How to contribute

Create a pull request.


Logo designed by Sonja Scheungrab.

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