Python SDK Overview

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Tutorial Overview

The goal of this tutorial is to demonstrate how to properly and efficiently integrate with our RESTful API service for AI Computer Vision.'s API

We offer a simple, rate-limited RESTful HTTP API that is easy to integrate with in any programming language. It is also stateless, which significantly simplifies integration needs.

You can request a trial API key from our website. By default, this trial key allows for up to 5,000 requests at a rate of 1 request per second. If you need to make more requests or need higher concurrency throughput, please contact us


Our API is fully documented and the documentation is available here. Our documentation website includes examples in a variety of languages as well as sample responses.

If you want to test out our API service before integration, you can access it via our demo site.


Our SDK currently exists in the form of code examples that serve as a guideline on how a developer would integrate with our RESTful API service. While we plan on adding support for other languages, currently our tutorial is based on our python code examples.


The python code examples are written for python3, with minimal external library dependencies. It heavily leverages the library for HTTP requests, for which additional documentation can be found here.

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