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Retargeting SDK


Retargeting SDK is a software development tool for E-Commerce platforms that simplifies the implementation of Retargeting extension.

Minimum requirements

The Retargeting SDK requires at least PHP version 7.1.0 or greater.

How to install

Clone the repository in your platform root folder.


Product class for sendProduct implementation

Sample request

use Retargeting/Product;

$brand = [
     'id' => 8, 
     'name' => 'Apple'

$category = [
      "id" => 20,
      "name" => "Desktop",
      "parent" => false,
      "breadcrumb" => []
      "id" => 28,
      "name" => "Monitors",
      "parent" => 25,
      "breadcrumb" => [
          ["id" => 25, "name" => "Components", "parent" => false]     

$inventory = [
    'variations' => true,
    'stock' => [
        'Red' => true,
        'Small' => false,
        'Medium' => true,

$additionalImages = [

$product = new Product();

echo $product->getData();

Sample response

        "id": 42,
        "name": "Apple Cinema 30\"",
        "url": "http://localhost/upload/test",
        "img": "http://localhost/upload/image/catalog/demo/apple_cinema_30.jpg",
        "price": 122,
        "promo": 90,
        "brand": {
            "id": "8",
            "name": "Apple"
        "category": [
                "id": "20",
                "name": "Desktops",
                "parent": false,
                "breadcrumb": []
                "id": "28",
                "name": "Monitors",
                "parent": "25",
                "breadcrumb": [
                        "id": "25",
                        "name": "Components",
                        "parent": false
        "inventory": {
            "variations": true,
            "stock": {
                "Small": true,
                "Medium": true,
                "Large": true,
                "Checkbox 1": true,
                "Checkbox 2": true,
                "Checkbox 3": true,
                "Checkbox 4": true,
                "Red": true,
                "Blue": true,
                "Green": true,
                "Yellow": true
        "images": [
Method Type Required Description
setId Number or text Required The product item identifier, ie. itemcode. It should identify to the sold product, but not necessarily some specific variant of the product. Must be unique in your site.
setName Text Required The product name
setUrl URL Required Complete URL of the item. Must start with http:// or https://.
setImg URL Required Complete URL of an image of the item.
setPrice Number or text Required Current product price. If the product is on promotion (price is reduced) then this parameter gets the value of the price before promotion was applied to the product (old price).
setPromo Number or text Optional Promotional price (new price). When the product isn’t on promotion (no reduced price), send value 0.
setBrand Object Required Details about product brand. If the product does not belong to any brand, send false value. The object containing brand details, has the following properties: id, name. Number or text Required The brand item identifier. Text Required Brand name
setCategory Object Required An object that contain details about products category. The object should contain the following properties: id, name, parent Number or text Required The category identifier Text Required Category name
category.parent Number, text, false Required Id of parent category. If there isn’t any parent category, send false value.
setBreadcrumb Array Required Array containing all the parent categories of the category to which the product belongs (in this array you must not add the product category). If the category does not have a parent category (category.parent is set false), send an empty array. Each parent category is sent as object and contains the following properties: id, name, parent. Number or text Required Category id Text Required Category Name
breadcrumb.parent Number, text, false Required Id of parent category. If there isn’t any parent category, send false value.
setInventory Object Required Inventory details
inventory.variations True/False Required True for products with variations. False for products without variations.
inventory.stock True/False/Object Required For product with variations, you should send an object with stock for each variations.
setAdditionalImages Object Required All product images can be assigned here. Accepts an object of urls.
callback_function Function Optional With this parameter you can define a function that runs itself after the action’s parent function executes