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Main Window

Here's the main window with the various sub-windows showing. The top window has object specific editable parameters. The leftmost window has various tool selection menus. One of the tool menus is shown expanded. The rightmost windows are for layer management, snaps enabling/disabling, and stroke and CAM parameters.

Tool Menus and Windows

TkCAD lets you pull tool menus out into their own windows. There are a lot of tools for creating specialized objects and shapes, as well as manipulating existing objects.

Wrapped Text

One of the nicer tools allows you to wrap text around circles. Bezier paths aren't yet supported, but they can be added in the future.

GCode Backtracer

You can view the tool-paths in generated GCode files with the backtracer.

Feeds and Speeds Wizard

The Feeds and Speeds Wizard is useful for more manual CNC milling.

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