Small fluent interface for caching sequelize database query results in redis more easily
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sequelize-redis-cache Build Status

Small fluent interface for caching sequelize database query results in redis more easily. Simply put, this is a wrapper around sequelize retrieval methods that will automatically check in the configured redis instance for a value (based on a hash of the query and model name), then retrieve from the database and persist in redis if not found. It is promise based, so it will resemble sequelize for the most part, and be co/koa friendly.


npm install sequelize-redis-cache


var cacher = require('sequelize-redis-cache');
var redis = require('redis');
var Sequelize = require('sequelize');

var rc = redis.createClient(6379, 'localhost');
var db = new Sequelize('cache_tester', 'root', 'root', { dialect: 'mysql' });
var cacheObj = cacher(db, rc)
cacheObj.find({ where: { id: 3 } })
  .then(function(row) {
    console.log(row); // sequelize db object
    console.log(cacheObj.cacheHit); // true or false

You can also execute and cache raw queries:

var cacheObj = cacher(db, rc)
cacheObj.query('SELECT * FROM widgets LIMIT 10')
  .then(function(row) {
    console.log(row); // Array of raw objects

Check the tests out for more info, but it's pretty simple. The currently supported methods are:

query find findOne findAll findAndCountAll all min max sum


This library does not handle automatic invalidation of caches, since it currently does not handle inserts/updates/deletes/etc. I'd be in favor of someone submitting a patch to accommodate that, although I think that would be a significant undertaking.

Here is a good guideline for caching strategies:


MIT - Rekt