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A library to make string functions, such as trimming and much more, easier.
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A library to make string functions, such as trimming and much more, easier.

Why you should use this library

It will save you time. Yes, you can write your own string extension methods, but you also have to write unit tests for them. This library is fully unit tested so you can include it and move on.

You get:

  1. Consistent string extension methods between projects
  2. Faster time to code, as you don't have to roll your own extension methods and then either lack code coverage or have to unit test them.
  3. The same code in .NET Framework and .Net Core/.NET standard.

What is in this library?

  1. String Capitalization extension methods - You can capitalize things easily.

  2. String Comparison extension methods - This has the contains with the ability to ignore case, that is just missing form .Net.

  3. String Conversion extension methods To Primitives ion/PrimitiveStringExtensions.cs Easily convert strings to and from primitives, with the option for a default value if the string conversion fails.

To Stream Easily convert to and from a Stream.

To enum Easily convert to and from an enum.

  1. AllowedString A class that is a wrapper to a string and allows for you to define a list of allowed strings.

  2. String to Expression extensions: This is pretty cool. If you have a property name and want to convert it to an Expression, you can do so.

  3. Remove Diacritics from a string: This allows you to create dictionaries

  4. A pluralization library. This makes it easy to do pluralization, include custom pluralization. If a word is missing, it is pretty easy to add to this library.

  5. A crypto random string generator

  6. Enhanced trimming abilities The ability to trim all strings inside a complex object, which can and will trim nested complex objects as well. This is very useful for apis and inputs.

Have you heard of The Oft Forgotten Middle Trim, you can trim left and right and middle, with the TrimAll() extension method.

  1. String wrapping extensions. Easily quote strings or wrap them in brackets or parentheses or xml tags.

Why you should contribute to this library

This project is very easy to contribute to. If you have a string extension or something you do with strings often, others probably will do the same. Having a common place for stable unit tests code is important.

Why contribute:

  1. You don't have to reinvent the entire wheel, you can simply improve and existing wheel.
  2. You can use the code anywhere, anytime as it is delivered as a public NuGet package.
  3. You can get this code in both .NET Framework and .NET Core or Standard.
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