Files for part three of NICAR17's "Intro to Python" sessions.
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Intro to Python 3 BONUS.ipynb
Intro to Python 3.ipynb

Intro to Python 3

NICAR17 Jacksonville

The third part of a Python primer that covers how to use coding as a data journalism tool. For more, see Part 1 (Liz Lucas, Kaiser Health News) or Part 2 (Cathy Deng, BuzzFeed).

We'll work on scraping a web page's data table with a Python script and packages that make the whole process easier.

Check requirements.txt for a list of required external Python libraries. This session is taught in Jupyter Notebooks to ease you into the coding waters without having to switch back and forth between a text editor and an interactive Python interpreter.

Questions? Find me on Twitter (@alexrichards) or shoot me an email: Encrypted comms are also an option.