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GHOST (General meta-Heuristic Optimization Solving Tool) is a C++ library, under the terms of the GNU GPL v3 licence, designed to help developers to model and implement optimization problem solving. It contains a meta-heuristic solver aiming to solve any kind of combinatorial and optimization real-time problems represented by a CSP/COP.

GHOST has been first developped to help making AI for the RTS game StarCraft: Brood war, but can be used for any kind of applications where solving combinatorial and optimization problems within some tenth of milliseconds is needed. It is a generalization of the Wall-in project (see

Please visit for:

  • A short introduction to CSP (Constraint Satisfaction Problems) and COP (Constraint Optimization Problems)
  • How to use GHOST
  • How to define and solve your own CSP/COP problem with GHOST
  • The full GHOST doxygen documentation.