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bourreauEric commented Nov 16, 2017

Expected behavior

limit the first search strategy to 1 second in solve THEN use the second strategy (to improve the best so far solution)

Actual behavior

search.limit Monitor are attach to search and not strategy.

Minimal Working Example

Experienced with choco-solver-4.0.4

new AbstractStrategy[] {
Search.intVarSearch(new MaxRegret(), new IntDoma

Note: Its build using ConstraintLayout. The sample is an alternative for nested layouts. Build to remove nested structure and create a flat xml layout, which eventually improves performance

  • Updated Aug 3, 2020
  • Kotlin

Answer Set & SAT solver for probability distribution-aware model sampling and multi-models optimization using Differentiable Satisfiability. *** Can be used, e.g., for probabilistic SAT solving and probabilistic Answer Set Programming.

  • Updated Sep 18, 2020
  • Scala

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