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Working draft of the proposed RISC-V V vector extension
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Working draft of the proposed RISC-V V vector extension.

For the current stable release, v0.8, click here.

For the previous stable release, v0.7.1, click here.

The top level file is v-spec.adoc

Simply clicking on the file in the github repo viewer will render a usable version as markdown.

For a better rendering, use "asciidoctor v-spec.adoc".

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. See the LICENSE file for details.


Additional Resources

  • The Binutils port for v0.8 is not yet available; for v0.7.1 click here.
  • The Spike simulator for v0.8 is available here.
  • riscvOVPsim is a free RISC-V reference simulator. For Vectors v0.8 click here, and for v0.7.1 click here.

Documentation generator


node v6+

Linux: install using nvm

OSX: brew install node


Install documentation generator

npm i

Build HTML/PDF documents

npm run build

Resulted files


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