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Karasa Jaga icons for LibreOffice

This icon theme for LibreOffice originally created for Sundara OS, heavily inspired (and derived) from (now discontinued) Oxygen icon theme.


NOTE: Go to ToolsOptionsLibreOfficeView to enable the theme.

System Wide Installation

For *NIX Family

Use the script to install the latest version directly from this repo (independently on your distro):

curl -s | sh

Otherwise, if you have cloned this repo, just use local installer script (don't forget to change /path/to to your real path directory to the repo):

cd /path/to/libreoffice-style-karasa-jaga && sh


curl -s | sh

For Microsoft Windows

Simply download zipped archive ( from build directory and copy (with administrator priviledges) to C:\Program Files\LibreOffice-<version-here>\config\share

Extension Based Installation

Since LibreOffice 6.0 there is support for installing icon set as an extension, simply download the extension from following link and open it with LibreOffice or, open ToolsExtension Manager ... click Add and browse for local directory where the extension placed