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Firefox plugin that adds Grails Selenium RC export formats to the Selenium IDE plugin

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Selenium IDE: Grails Selenium RC Formatters

This is a Firefox plugin that adds formatters to Selenium IDE so that scripts can be exported as Grails Selenium RC test cases.


The plugin's release is hosted on Selenium HQ here

Exporting Selenium IDE tests

Once installed you should find the following menu options in Selenium IDE:

  • File -> Export Test Case As... -> Grails Selenium RC (JUnit 3)
  • File -> Export Test Case As... -> Grails Selenium RC (JUnit 4)

JUnit 4 tests are appropriate if you are using Grails 1.3 or above. The exported test case will not extend a base class, and will use assertThat along with Hamcrest matchers rather than using assertEquals, etc.

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